Stephen R.Covey once said Leadership is communicating people’s worth so clearly they are able to see it in themselves. And that’s what we do here!

What is the 7 Habits Club


7H club is a platform where children and teens, find their voice and inspire others to find theirs. Parents as members also learn what it takes to build highly effective families using the 7habits solutions.


Here at the 7H club, you can learn, learn and share in amazing skills for leadership effectiveness in a fun and interactive way. It promises to be fun packed with entertainment resources that’ll help reinforce your learning.

Become part of a global network of parents, teachers and children transforming the world using our timeless leadership principles of effectiveness.




Learning Methods

The Teacher Edition lessons are designed to enhance the students' learning experience while honoring variety of learning styles.

🤚🏼 Class Discussion
✅ Accountability Partner Check
➡️ "Access the Curriculum" Ideas
🏡 Take it Home
👉🏽 Kinesthetic Activities
@ The Leader in Me Online
🗣️ Partner Talk
📢 Share What you Know

What are the 7 Habits ?